"A Tale of Karma, Confession, & Redemption"

The book is so real & down to earth, anyone will be able to relate. We all fall from grace one time or another.

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Eating the Forbidden Fruit is touches on the journey of a ex-police from St. Louis, MO; Roland Page.


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"I'll admit, I didn't have the commitment to wear the badge because I can't turn on my childhood friends especially my family."

Eating the Forbidden Fruit was long over due since it was actually written during author Roland Page’s federal trial and detainment. The delay was because legal counsel advised him to wait for his statue limitation is up. Recently, Page lost his mother to cancer. It traumatized his family, his mother Fumi Karasawa, a native of Osaka Japan named her grandsons.

Yung is not just meaning young but a form of older seed in the Asian dialect. They fared through the storm. Yung Ro, Jiro, and his wife, Tracey Page, helped him update his book putting it into motion. The anticipation is spreading in the gateway city as well over the world.

"Social media wasn't around back in my day, however the unethical acts certainly were."

I do believe there are more good cops than bad. If that were not true it would be more civil unrest than it already is. If I can use my past experience to help be a liaison then I would be more than happy to.


The New Book "Eating The Forbidden Fruit"

Former Police explains how his trials & tribulations led to being a successful entrepreneur.

"I believe there are more good cops than bad. If that weren't true, it would be more civil unrest than it already is."

Roland Page


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Margo LovettI was drawn in by the title and the synopsis of the story! Talking to Roland made the story even more addictive.
Margo Lovett
Podcast Host
The Simeon Henderson ShowI’ve gotten so much feedback about this interview. I’m personally drawn into the book.
The Simeon Henderson Show
Motivational Speaker
Susanne ElizabethOne of the most intriguing interviews this year. A story of redemption in its finest.
Susanne Elizabeth
B Squared

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